About Us

AdIndian Inc. is a performance based online marketing provider for advertisers, publishers and online affiliates.

With many years of online marketing experience working closely with various Advertisers, CPA networks, and Publishers, AdIndian was able to identify opportunities for improvement within the current system, and work with affiliates and advertisers to provide a better solution.

AdIndian’s mission is to provide a marketplace where Affiliates can leverage group volumes to get the highest possible payout, and therefore, to attain the highest ROI from their online marketing initiatives, while providing Advertisers with high quality leads.

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Monetize your Indian traffic

Join AdIndian, a "desi" CPA network which leverages its international CPA expertise, volumes of existing publisher community and innovative technology to help you earn top commissions. With a consistent track record of high converting offers and premium payouts we specialize in branded & niche campaigns.

  • Large selection of Indian offers
  • Get paid per lead generated
  • High Payouts



Target the 30 million Indians online population

Take advantage of our cutting edge technology and innovative CPA solutions to acquire high worth and long lasting clients. Experience added value on your online advertising budget through dedicated campaign managers, robust tracking, and high quality leads.

  • No Set up Costs
  • CPA model - Pay only when a lead is generated
  • Will handle all CPA media distribution

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